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Thanks for all the replies on this. I think between JUNG (which I'd 
mistakenly assumed from a look years ago was purely a visualisation 
library), and R, of which I was unaware, I have want I want. Again, thanks!

One last related question before I disappear off to the JUNG and R lists 
for a while -- does anyone have an implementation (any language, but 
would be nice if it was compatible with either of the above, or Perl), 
of the keyplayer algorithms (esp KPP-2 and variants) described in Steve 
Borgatti's paper at 
and as implemented in his keyplayer software?

While the algorithm is described amply in the paper, my programming 
skills and understanding of it don't intersect at a point where I can do 
it (easily) from scratch without something a bit higher level or 
concrete to start from!

Again many thanks -- this is one of the highest-value mailing lists I've 
ever lurked on!

- Darrell

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