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Hi all

Like many, I belong to a number of email lists. These in turn are likely to
be a small part of one or more very large network(s) of email lists, linked
by overlapping memberships.

I would be grateful if anyone could provide me with any online references to
social network analysis of the network structure of email lists.

This is of some practical concern. I moderate two email lists, relating to
my own field of work. I would like to survey the members of those lists
about their membership of other lists, and then develop a picture of how
interconnected the membership is (in these terms). A two stage process
(generate the list, then identify who uses which of the listed lists)

I am hoping the exercise will help me (a) identify how central, or not, the
email list is that I moderate, and (b) may point me to a section of the
membership which is relatively unserved by other email lists, whose needs
may then be worth investigating in more detail, (c) may point me to other
email lists that are useful resources that I need to tap into

But I do not want to re-invent the wheel, and I would like to benefit from
the prior work and experience of others who have researched this area

regards, rick davies

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