>>Where the heck did all the minions go??? <<

I can tell you where the minions went, back to school.

Your test today consists of a single word problem.  You have 10 minutes
to complete the test:

The organization we are discussing here is a typical corporation or
government.  Department A needs more ______ (read: engineers,
accountants, lawyers) but has limited funds to hire them.  However,
there are a number of minions who are considered expendable.  They only
do filing, anyone can do that.  So the minion is gone and two of the new
_______ take their place.  These new ________ create additional work for
the remaining minions.  But that is okay, we will just replace each
minion with two ________s and let them do their own filing.  

So today, our staffing of the past 15 years reflects the loss of 25
minion positions at the rate of $25,000/yr.  On the bright side we have
the addition of 50 _______ positions at the rate of $75,000 a year.
These 50 positions are producing 50 times more paper than was produced
15 years ago because of individual filing systems set up by each

Please answer the following questions.  Each question is worth 10

1.) Who is doing all of the work that was being done by the minions?

2.) How much more is the organization paying for minion work?

3.) Does doing the work of minions make the new ________ expendable?

Bonus Question (20 points)

4.) Who is the idiot that decided the manager that made this decision
should get a raise because they are now responsible for managing a
larger payroll?

Please put your pencils down when you have completed this exam.

Bill R

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