Okay - I have to admit that (after being rightfully admonished off
list!) I was a bit abrupt in my earlier response and want to take just a
moment to reflect ...

My reaction to the webinar invite was to their, in my opinion, overly
lofty goals, not to them as a vendor nor their product (I have no formal
experience with them as a company or their software).  They list an
impressive panel of respected professionals, however I would never
expect to emerge from ANY one-hour webinar with all of the answers I
need to "tame the email beast" and "guarantee enforcement of corporate
policies" - these issues just aren't that simple.  Had their marketing
offered more achievable goals, I might be willing to attend.  I know I
don't have unlimited time to wax theoretical, as I'm sure most of you
don't.  Honestly, this listserv (and the others I belong to) fill that
role for me; I use webinars for specific, practical, implementable (is
that a word?) learning.

So, all of that being said, I apologize if I handed Mobius the short end
of the stick in my earlier response or if I implied that those who
intend to view the webinar are wasting their time - only you can be the
judge of that.

So who wants the soapbox now?

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