Hey y'all,

Monday a group of 5 headed for the Croome Rd area of the Withlacoochee in
Brooksville to catch site of a Red-cockaded  Woodpecker (RCWO) or two.  The
results were delightfully overwhelming with numerous birds spotted.  Also
present were Bachman's Sparrows--one of which agreed to pose at a height of
six feet in a bush devoid of leaves to sing and present itself.  Other
species included Pileated, Red-bellied, Downy and Northern Flicker, Pine
Warblers, Yellow-throated Vireo, Carolina Chickadees, etc.

A later roaming of Hernando Beach area yielded three budgies, numerous
calling Clapper Rails and a Cow Pea (great shot Wilf).

Of note: The RCWO were heard drumming only on the periphery of the feeding
group on the edge of their nesting area.  All other birds fed in near
proximity to each other and the nesting sites moving somewhat similarly to a
mixed-foraging flock of winter passerines.  Curious to know if this has been
previously noted.

Lee Snyder
St Petersburg

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