Our Purple Martins were busy yesterday building their nests. All 11 compartments are filled. Today they finished up by getting mud from the banks of our canal.

The 51 Black-bellied Whistling Ducks that have been in our yard and nearby swales have not been seen for the past few days. I saw 2 pairs mating on a pine tree branch on Friday so perhaps they all left to find a nesting area. There had been 3 Glossy Ibis here with the ducks throughout the day. Today there were 22 Glossy Ibis in the yard most of the day. 

A pair of Limpkins have been feeding along the edge of the canal with their 2 young. The Sandhill Crane pair that frequent our backyard brought their 2 small young to the yard yesterday after the ducks left. Another pair of cranes stopped by today with 2 quite large baby cranes.
Life is good.

Dotty Hull  
Port St. Lucie

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