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The VisuaLyzer Development team at Medical Decision Logic, Inc. is 
pleased to announce the release of VisuaLyzer 1.2.

VisuaLyzer is an interactive tool for entering, visualizing, and 
analyzing network data. You can create nodes and links directly in 
VisuaLyzer, or import network data from edgelist/edgearray, Excel, or 
GraphML formats. Once the network is displayed in VisuaLyzer, you can 
customize visual properties such as the color, shape, size, and 
location of nodes and links to create an informative graphic 
representation. Images of your choice can be used to represent nodes. 
XY mapping of nodes as a function of node attributes is supported in 
layered layout.

VisuaLyzer also provides a number of analysis functions for 
calculating network and nodal level indices, and for finding 
sub-groups, partitions, communities, and roles and positions. You can 
query VisuaLyzer to locate nodes and links that fulfill specific 
criteria. In addition, VisuaLyzer includes powerful logic programming 
capabilities that allow you to investigate networks using axioms of 
classical set theory (further functions are under development and 
testing). Data can be exported to UCINET, Excel, and GraphML formats 
for additional analysis.  VisuaLyzer 1.2 adds the following new 
features, functions, and usability improvements:
    * Cut points finder.
    * Ontology viewing functions under Reasoning menu; free-style 
Expression Builder for reasoning operations.
    * Graph Radial Layout.
    * Import UCINET nodelist1 data.
    * Freezing/Unfreezing position of nodes on alt-click (affects 
spring-embedding layout);
    * Flexible node/edge attributes sorting order (preserving sorting 
initial order).
    * More shapes for nodes!
    * More flexible control on node/edge label visibility.
    * Fixed a bug related to nodes/links deleting and Undo.
    * Fixed minor bugs and improved usability of Find function.

For your reference, features added in VisuaLyzer 1.1 were the following:
    * Core/periphery analysis by the Kerhighan-Lin algorithm for 
detecting (see Analysis Core and Periphery menu)
    * Import adjacency matrices from Microsoft Excel files. Node 
attributes can also be included in the same Excel workbook.
    * Legends for graphs based on nodes attributes and attribute 
queries. The legend is automatically updated with changes in 
attribute values and queries (see Query ' Legend menu).
    * Views that allow the user to save sequence of most recent 
attribute-based queries as a macro command. These Views can be saved, 
loaded, and re-applied to the same graph or other graphs with same 
attributes (see Query Views menu).
    * Extended node and link attributes: web pages (HTML) and files 
can now be specified as an attribute value, and can be opened and edited.
    * Visual properties (color, size, shape) can now be applied not 
only to single attribute value but groups (i.e., collapsed) of 
attribute values, thus avoiding repetitive application of visual properties.
    * Improved handling of mid-size and bigger graphs loading. The 
program now shows progress in loading graphs; gives other optimal 
layout options, and allows the user to start/stop optimization process.
    * Gray scale coloring options.
    * Replaced closeness centrality criterion for detecting opinion 
leaders with T. Valente's measure of integration.
    * Extended Reasoning menu.
    * Export current (selected) relations to Prolog .P file format.
    * Fixed a bug related to opening non-existing file from File/Reopen menu.
    * Fixed minor bugs and improved usability of node/edge addition, 
selection, naming, and clipboard operations; provided more short-cut 
keys, etc.

Further details about Medical Decision Logic can be found at

30-day trial versions of the program can be downloaded from:

Comments, suggestions and questions can be directed to the 
development team at [log in to unmask]


VisuaLyzer Support Team

Medical Decision Logic, Inc.


Allen Y. Tien, MD, MHS
CEO and Research Director
Medical Decision Logic, Inc.
724 Dulaney Valley Road
Towson, MD 21204

Adjunct Associate Professor
Division of Health Sciences Informatics
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Psychiatry
West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV

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