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EgoNet 0.9 new, third release, build, is now available for 

New features are:

1. More flexible way of accessing multiple databases (selecting 
database from inside the application)
2. Exporting alter attribute summary data and adjacency matrices to 
Excel (comma separated files)
3. Improved order of alter attributes (sorting and comparison issues)


History and prior features are:

EgoNetT: Egocentric Network Assessment

In conjunction with Chris McCarty at the University of Florida Survey 
Research Center, MDLogix is developing the EgoNET system for 
assessing egocentric networks.

Create Egocentric Network Surveys

The EgoNET system includes an application based on MDLogix's 
<>QBuilder, specially modified to 
create surveys that collect information about ego, alters, ego-alter 
relationships, and alter-alter relationships.

Conduct Egocentric Network Interviews

Researchers use the EgoNET client to conduct interviews and collect 
data. EgoNET displays surveys created in EgoNET QBuilder in 
self-report format, and also allows field staff to enter free data 
gathered during interviews.

Visualize Egocentric Networks

The EgoNET client contains an embedded version of MDLogix's 
<>VisuaLyzer application for 
network analysis and visualization. After a subject completes a 
network survey via self-report, the VisuaLyzer displays the subject's 
network as a color-coded interactive graph, showing the alter 
characteristics and relationships associated with answers to each 
question. The EgoNET VisuaLyzer also calculates network measures such 
as node centrality, centralization, and other sub-group analyses. 
Field staff can use this information as a basis for further 
exploration of the subject's network via interview.

Export Data

Data can be collected by multiple researchers, e.g., using laptops, 
and later synchronized to a central database. The EgoNET client can 
also output and batch-process summary ego-network data in SPSS format.

Multiple Languages

The EgoNET system is built on the Assessment Architect platform, 
which can maintain text in multiple languages for any instrument and 
all interface elements. Spanish translations of the EgoNET QBuilder 
and client applications are in progress.

The University of Florida Survey Research Center is currently using 
the EgoNET system to study network influences on the smoking behavior 
of immigrants in Spain.


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West Virginia University
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