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This is a fantastic development.  Some ideas off the top of my head:
1) it would be helpful to track both ideas and behaviors, that is 
knowledge about the innovations and their actual adoption.
2) collect data on innovations expected to spread rapidly and those 
expected to diffuse slowly or not at all during the time frame
3) will you supplement the online data collection with survey data? if 
so you'll want the usual demographics as well as media use, both general 
and technology specific.
4) you will also want an innovativeness scale and a leadership scale (I 
can send both)
5) clearly organizational structures and physical locations will also be 
important so the data should be supplemented with HR data on job 
position, reporting responsibilities, etc.

- Tom

James A. Danowski wrote:

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>What would you like to see in a set of network and diffusion datasets
>gathered in DaimlerChrysler, Ford, and GM that will be made available to the
>network community?
>NSF has funded a three-year grant for research that will use automated
>means to extract from IT log records: network data, message content, and
>time of adoption data for 30 to 60 innovations.
>Data collection begins in the fall and to make these data optimally useful
>to the network community, your input is desired.
>1.  What types of innovations would you most like to see tracked?
>2.  What parameters and attributes for data collection will be most
>    useful to you?
>3.  How can the most comprehensive, valuable, and available database
>    possible be built?
>Any other questions or comments are welcomed.
>If you are going to the INSA meeting, we will have a discussion session at
>2pm on Wednesday of the conference at the session on Organizations and
>Innovation Networks.
>We would like, however, to get the discussion started now for two reasons.
>One is to increase the depth of the discussion at the meeting.
>Second, for the members of SOCNET who will not be at the meeting, we want
>to get your suggestions and hopefully continue the discussion afterward.
>We will post a summary of the session comments to this list to provide a
>basis for continuing interaction.
>Any thoughts come to mind?  Please post them now.
>Julia Gluesing, Wayne State University
>Ken Riopelle, Wayne State University
>Jim Danowski, University of Illinois at Chicago
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