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Dear Nick, all:

If you're using UCINET you have a short verbal description of the 
measure under "help" where the underlying theoretical work is 
referenced. You can retrieve some of it using the JSTOR database. Much 
was published in "Social Networks".

My introduction to SNA was also Bob Hanneman's online tutorial:

This brings me to a follow-up question:

I want to use UCINET's Bonacich power measure (Network > Centrality > 
Power). The measure can deliver negative centrality values that I'm not 
sure how to interpret.

I've correlated c(alpha,0.1) results with regular degree centrality, and 
that tells me that I have to use the absolute values of the results when 
dealing with positive beta values.

But do I also have to take the abs val when dealing with negatively 
connected networks (negative beta)?

My name is Haiko Lietz. I'm a graduate student at Mittweida University 
of Applied Sciences, Germany. As a freelance reporter I have also 
started applying SNA or Journalistic Network Analysis, as you might call it.

Best wishes

Haiko Lietz

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