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In SOCNET tradition, a summary of the responses:

Eigenvector centrality is something like the recursive definition of
rank I asked about.
Standard deviation is not like the clustering coefficient.

Useful References with Definitions:
1. Get UCINET or the sna for R or other software and check their help files
2. Wasserman and Faust  "Social Network Analysis". 1994
3. Scott. "Social Network Analysis - A Handbock". 2000
Katz, Leo, & Powell, James H.   (1995)  "Measurement of the Tendency Toward
Reciprocation of Choice" (measures of reciprocity)

Freeman, Linton C.      (1977)  "A Set of Measures of Centrality Based on
Betweenness" (relative betweenness centrality)

Freeman, Linton C.      (1979)  "Centrality in Social Networks: Conceptual
Clarification" (degree centrality, betweenness centrality, closeness

Bonacich, Phillip       (1972)  "Factoring and Weighting Approaches to
Status Scores and Clique Identification" (eigenvector centrality)

I got enough people suggesting the classics that I decided to order
Wasserman & Faust and Scott from Amazon afterall.

Again, many thanks
-Nick Guenther

> > Dear networkers,
> >
> > I've looked around but can't find anywhere the precise mathematical
> > definition of many network measures. The article
> > is missing many pieces of
> > information and skimps on the math, and no where else gives a complete
> > list.
> >
> > I realize that this information is probably in references like "Social
> > Network Analysis: Methods and Applications" but I do not have access
> > to them (the toronto reference library doesn't have much on SNA, and I
> > can't get to the guelph university library anytime soon).
> >
> > So, I'm looking for the actual formulas for these measures and
> > concepts (and any other measures I missed):
> >
> > Betweenness
> > Closeness
> > Degree
> > Eigenvector Centrality
> > Clustering Coefficient  - this is sort of like the standard deviation
> > of networks, right?
> > Cohesion
> > Constraint
> > Contagion
> > Density
> > Integration
> > Group degree centralisation
> > Radiality
> > Reach
> > Structural Equivalence
> > Structural Hole
> >
> > Out of curiousity, I also wonder if there is a name for the measure
> > that counts a node's importance by calculating the importance of all
> > connected nodes? Or if there is any sort of measure that steps
> > outwards into the network, weighting nodes each further step out less?
> >
> > Thank you for all the great resources that have already come from this list,
> > -Nick Guenther
> > Grade 12 Student
> > Ontario, Canda

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