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Dear all,


I have been examining a network (over time) of high school kids on their drug behaviors.


One of the reviewers has serious doubts on the usefulness of sociograms included in my paper. S/he argues that the sociograms included did not add any information other than the central position of a few kids and the connectivity of the remaining kids to those central kids and that all the information should be revealed by other statistics (such as those from cross-tabs and univariate/bivariate analysis). 


I included several attributes of kids (their sex, grade, etc.) and the strengths of connections in the sociograms but having difficulty responding to his/her criticisms. 


My questions:

1) How can I respond to his/her criticisms?

2) Whar are some general purposes of sociograms and any references that I can take a look at and/or cite.


Any suggestions or advice would be really appreciated.


Thanks a million in advance,


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