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Hi list,

I'm a high school student with a term project in statistics class.
I've chosen to do an auxillary network analysis study; I'm hoping to
amass a large amount of networks that I can pull various measures out
of them and do a standard statistical study on those numbers (after
all, one is expected to use what is taught in the course in the

My current idea was to plot degree versus reach (i.e. maybe it'll give
the intuitive result that the more people you know the better
connected you are, but maybe it'll turn out that the more people you
directly know the less well connected you are to the rest of the
network). First request is: I'd like to know what other work has been
done in this area, to avoid duplication if I can, or so I can know if
I should take a completely different tact if everything in this area
has been done.

Second request is: I want data. Networks of any kind that you can send
me or point me too. I'm confident I can reformat anything into a
useful format. I'll group the networks by the type of network
(relation, size, type of actors, {valued|signed|binary} and
{directed|undirected} ties etc.) to compare what different networks
are like, as well as grouping them all together. Standard plain text
formats (like Pajek or CSV spreadsheets) are best, though if I have to
use something proprietary I'll try my best to deal with it.

I've already bugged some of you about this, and from that I've gotten
these sources, so I don't need them again:

I will, of course, post my finished analysis back here when I'm done
(hoping this inspires people to give data!).

Many thanks in advance
-Nick Guenther

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