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Hi all, 
I am a new member of SOCNET. I am asking your help because I am trying to 
develop e mulitilevel model in which I have:

- An INDIVIDUAL-level response variable
- Individual, relation(dyadic) and group level explanatory variables.

I saw on Snijders and Bosker's book (1999), at chapter 11, that it is possible 
to build up a multilevel model (on the three levels: single relation, dyad and 
group) having a response variable at the RELATION level. In the way Snijders 
and Bosker suggest, it is possible to manage the sender and receiver effect.
Would it be possible, conceptually and technically, to do the same having an 
INDIVIDUAL level response variable?

Many thanks, 


Ubaldo Macchitella
Istituto di Organizzazione e Sistemi Informativi
UniversitÓ commerciale L. Bocconi
Viale Isonzo, 23
20135 Milano
Tel.: 02/58362578

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