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Dear All,


I am currently writing on my thesis on social network analysis at the
University of Cologne.

My specific task is to investigate how the approved measures of SNA are
related to the business performance of an organization.

This won't be an empirical study since it is quite difficult to find
sufficient data to run regression analyses. So I am planning to end with a
set of hypotheses like the following:

-          "An organization which is positioned most central within a
network of organizations will tend to have the highest business performance"

-          "Dense communication networks within an organization support the
diffusion of innovations within the organizations and therefore affect
business performance positively"

-          .

Does anyone of you have experience with such relationships between the
diverse measures of SNA and business performance?

Do you have any suggestions how I could go on establishing such hypotheses?


I am looking forward to your ideas.


Thank you very much and best regards,


Bastian Mayershofer

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