Dear List Members

Please be advised that the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
[ICTR], a United Nations court based in Arusha Tanzania, has a vacancy for
an Administrator of our electronic recordkeeping system, TRIM.  The post
presents an opportunity for a motivated and focussed person to make a
difference in a challenging environment. We are attempting to continue our
efforts in a near-paperless environment with TRIM as our main mechanism for
receipt, distribution and storage of all judicial records.

The TRIM database contains all judicial records of the court proceedings
since 1996. We have over 600 users of the system as well as an on-line
access system for public users. We provide remote access and support to our
staff based in Kigali, Rwanda, and The Hague, Netherlands.  The DB contains
over 75,000 records of many formats equating to half a million pages which
are all text searchable. In the judicial records and archive unit, we work
closely on related issues with our sister Tribunals in The Hague [ICTY &
ICC], and Freetown [SCSL].  We provide training and professional advise on
RIM matters to all sections of the organisation.

Feel free to contact me for further information. See
and then 'ICTR Opportunities' for the vacancy annoucement. Applications
close on 20th May 2006.

Best regards


Mr. Tom A. Adami, Archivist
Chief, Judicial Records and Archives Unit, CMS
International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
AICC Bldg, Box 6016 Arusha Tanzania
Phone: +255 27 2505233 or +1 212 9632850 ext 5233
E-mail: [log in to unmask]  Mobile: [+255] 744 370005

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