Re: Recording Boards
I occasionally clerk for our school board. I use a handheld Panasonic
(the size of a pack of gum) which records straight to digital (8 hrs). I
then download the file to a pc and use Panasonic's software "Voice
Studio" to convert to wav.   

The sound is OK (certainly not NPR worthy). If I stick it in front of a
speaker (we have an array of mics on table tops in front of the board) I
get a good enough recording for transcribing.

Re: DAT's 
While I love(d) them and used them for broadcasting purposes in the late
90s they are going the way of the Dodo...
From Wikipedia:
"On November 25th 2005, Sony announced that the final DAT machines would
be discontinued in December 2005, since sales had dropped to around 100
per month. This makes the format obsolete. However, the DAT format still
finds regular use in film and television recording, principally due to
the support in some recorders for SMPTE time code synchronization,
although it is slowly being superseded by modern hard disk recording
equipment which offers much more flexibility and storage."

Chuck Piotrowski
Records Manager 

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