Friday the wind shifted to the NE and made the migrants land instead of
flying over as typical this season.  The volume of birds was the best but
the distribution was not great - 11 warbler species but with so many
birds to scan I'm sure we missed a few.

blackpoll - 25+
black-throated blue - 20
red start - 16
cape may - 14
common yellow-throat - 6
parula - 6
pine - 5
ovenbird - 3 
prairie - 2
worm-eating - 1

painted bunting - 1 (f)
gray catbird - 6
YC night herons - 2 (nesting above the 1st parking lot after the entry
downy WP - 2

  The north section of the park is still closed but they unofficially
allow you to walk in.  If you walk in from Spanish River Blvd. check the
ficus(?) tree ant the west end of the north parking lot as it has berries
and was full of birds. The wind is supposed to continue from the north so
hopefully there will be birds there today - too bad I have to work.

Good luck.

John & Chadda Shelly
Boca Raton, S. Palm Beach Co.

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