late this afternoon/early evening (~5pm - 6:30pm) I went down the Lori Wilson 
and on the first course around the boardwalk found 6 species of warbler with 
the majority being in the back:   Ovenbird, Parula, Black and White, Prairie 
(1), Am. Redstart, and Black-throated Blue male.   Went out and checked the 
south beach access side of the hammock and nothing over there at all.   On 
returning to the boardwalk encountered Phyllis and Howard and accompanied them 
around for my second time.   All we added was 1-2 male Blackpolls for species and a 
female Blk-thr Blue.

Other birds incl several catbirds, Mourning and E. Collared Doves, Fish Crow, 
Common Grackles, Mockingbirds, and numerous cardinals with the males doing 
their best to show off for the females.   Observed one male perched a bit 
sideways on a vine, in full song with his crest fully up and literally rocking side 
to side as a parrot might in front of a female.   Had never seen one do that 


Sarah Linney
Cocoa, FL
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