This morning's cool temps, high gusts, overcast skies,
and wind chill made monitoring the colony a little
challenging. Most of the adults and juveniles were
hunkered down in the nests, so our counts were lower
than expected. Hopefully, weather will permit a more
thorough count next weekend. 

Anyway, we were still able to count an even 100 chicks
today, ranging from about 2 to 6 weeks old. Some will
fledge in the next couple weeks. 

The BLACK CROWNED NIGHT HERON 'colony' is also
producing good numbers of chicks, with some juveniles
already fledged and flying around this AM. 

KILLDEER and WOOD DUCK babies are also present and
visible from the boardwalk next to the stork colony.

A gallery with pictures (incl. one poor shot of a
Black Crowned Night Heron chick) and report can be
viewed at:>

[The flock of Blue Winged Teal appears to be totally
gone now.]
Kevin & Marie Dailey

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