____May 16, 2006: No Pain, No Gain

With the federal government set to allow students to begin applying for
Academic Competitiveness Grants starting July 1, policy makers and educators
are trying to compel states to define and enforce "rigorous programs of
studies" in secondary schools so that students can start receiving the
funds. Educators consider how to make high schools more rigorous so
low-income students can qualify for new federal grants for college.

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____January 24, 2006: The Gift Colleges Don't Want (9 comments follow

It is supposed to be a boon for colleges and students, the one major
provision in federal <>
legislation to reduce the budget deficit that makes it easier for higher
education to swallow the unpalatable parts of the bill that cut benefits to
students. After all, the proposed program would provide $3.75 billion in
grant aid for students, a rare injection of new federal funds into higher
education at a time of fiscal austerity and budget slashing. - Doug Lederman
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____Dec. 22  Senate Passes Budget Bill - But...

A chaotic and combustible day in the U.S. Senate failed to fully resolve the
fate of a series of bills crucially important to higher education. But
Congress did seem headed toward ultimately passing the measures, which
college officials and lobbyists generally dislike. - Doug Lederman
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____Issue Briefs: SMART Grants:


____May 8, 2006: Ready or Not (9 comments follow the article):

Whether they are headed to college or directly to the work force, high
school graduates need to be educated at comparable levels in mathematics and
reading to succeed, ACT Inc. says in a report to be released today. As a
result, the company recommends all high school students should "experience a
common academic program ... regardless of their postgraduation plans."

Unfortunately, according to recent research by ACT and others, most states
are doing a terrible job at fulfilling this mission, and only a few are
taking significant steps in that direction.

To rectify this situation, ACT has
<>  unleashed an
ambitious campaign to get the attention of policy makers, suggesting that a
national college and work readiness standard be established. - Rob
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