May 18, 2006

*         As it prepared for its fifth meeting
df>  today, the U.S. Secretary of Education's Commission on the Future of
Higher Education released three more issue papers designed to set the table
for its deliberations. The reports, which like previously released papers
<>  were
commissioned by the panel's chairman, Charles Miller, but do not necessarily
represent the views of its members, include a look at better aligning K-12
and higher education curriculums,
by Michael W. Kirst of Stanford University and Andrea Venezia of the
National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education; an examination of
the interplay of college costs, prices and affordability,
by Jane V. Wellman, a higher education researcher; a treatise on regulation
of colleges,
<>  by
Craig W. Parker, general counsel at Catholic University of America; and
another exploration of higher education accreditation,
<>  by
Vickie Schray, a member of the commission's staff. Unlike a previously
released paper on accreditation, which proposed replacing the regional
system of accreditation with a national one, Schray's paper says that the
commission should recommend creating a "working group" that would aim to
"transform" the accreditation system in ways that would increase the federal
and state role, involve "formally trained and certified independent
reviewers" in campus visits, and develop a "national accreditation
framework" that focuses on student learning and provides much more
information to the public.

Better aligning K-12 and higher education curriculums pdf link (9 pages);


Improving College Readiness and Success for All Students: A Joint
Responsibility Between K-12 and Postsecondary Education:


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