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ATP On-line Workshop LAST CALL Announcement


The ATP "Four Pack Special" of on-line workshops:  


s         Linking Learning Styles To Enhance Student Success

s         Small Group Academic Support

s         Academic Support for Students with Disabilities and

s         Academic Support Programs for Developmental Level Students


will be offered beginning June 10, 2006 and ending August 13, 2006.
Anyone wishing to participate should register by May 31.  You may
register for the workshop as one unit or as individual workshops at
<>  .


The workshops are offered as a group because of the interwoven nature of
the specifics and details of each of the themes. Each participant will
work independently, but on-going communication on the discussion board
for each module will allow everyone to share experiences and network
with other professionals.  Each module will carry two CEUs, but active
participation on the discussion board is required to earn the
certificate of completion. The intended audience is tutors and tutor
trainers. All of the workshops are open entry/open exit workshops, where
participants may visit any module at any time.


Topics include: 

Linking Learning Styles to Enhance Student Success 

Brain Physiology and Memory

VARK Learning Styles Inventory

                Linking Learning Styles

                Using Graphic Organizers

Small Group Academic Support

Peer Study Programs

                Structured Learning Assistance

                Study Groups

Academic Support for Students With Disabilities (This workshop is not
intended to serve as a strict interpretation of the law (i.e., 504 and
ADA) as it pertains to services for disabled students, but it is,
rather, offered as a resource and guideline to providing those

The law

Who is "disabled" 



How to train tutors 

Tutor strategies 


Transition issues 

Awareness and attitude

Protecting tutors and programs.

Academic Support Programs for Developmental Level Students

Why Students are Underprepared

Peer Coaching; Early Alert; TRIO: SSS

Tutor Training, Techniques and Scenarios for Developmental Math

Tutor Training, Techniques and Scenarios for Developmental Reading

Tutor Training, Techniques and Scenarios for Developmental Writing

Best Practices

Issues and scenarios in tutoring the Developmental level student

Structured Learning Assistance for Developmental Level Classes.

The 'four pack" has all been developed to offer a comprehensive overview
of academic support programs for a variety of students.  It is the goal
of the workshop to allow participants to get a very broad view of the
field of academic support and how it may function to enhance student

The cost for registering for the entire four-pack workshop special is
$75 for ATP members and $100 for non-members.  However, you may become a
member and enroll for the workshop at the same time.  The cost to
register for any of the workshops separately is $35 for members and $60
for non-members (you may apply for membership for the same $60 price).
You may register for the workshop on-line and/or apply for membership at
<>  .  Upon payment, participants
will be registered into the workshop.  Arrangements can be made to allow
you to enter the workshop while payment is pending.  Please contact Jim
Valkenburg at [log in to unmask] <outbind:[log in to unmask]>  if
you have any questions.

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