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I'm looking for cohesive sub-groups in a valued graph (200x200, values up to

I'm keen to understand how these groups might overlap and how they are
nested, without losing the valuable link values. I'm not terribly keen on
dichotomizing the data on a restricted and arbitrary series of thresholds,
but I don't have the time to create and analyse 149 dichotomized networks.

Does anyone know of software that can perform Peay's (1974) upward/downward
procedure(s)? Alternatively, is there a better way...?


As a rider - does anyone have a preferred heuristic for choosing levels at
which to dichotomize valued data, for those procedures that require it? When
using de Nooy's m-slicing, I've tended to use the highest level that gives a
single large component as a reference point.


Thanks in advance,

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