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Dear list members,

Good day, I would highly appreciate you advise on my research methodology.

My research project is interested in using SNA to quantify the effect of 
different hybrid structures on the effectiveness of knowledge transfer 
between its members and how does that consequently impact on project 

While working on my methodology chapter, I came across the Meta-matrix 
(Krackhardt & Carley, 1998) and found it very interesting. However, all the 
research papers I found used the Meta-matrix in an intra-organizational team 
setting. I would appreciate your advice on the ability of this methodology 
to be used on inter-organizational multidisciplinary teams and whether there 
should be any modifications to the methodology to account for issues of 
governance, control, risk and trust.  I would also appreciate it if you can 
point me to any research that used it in an inter-organizational setting.

Many thanks in advance,
Best regards,

Sulafa Badi
Bartlett School of Graduate Studies
University College London

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