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I agree completely that the fear around MySpace and similar sites is
completely misplaced. A few high-profile cases have created a media feeding
frenzy around it, but I have yet to see one shred of evidence that the
incident rate, relative to 60 million members producing more page views than
Google, is higher than it is on schoolyards, playgrounds, or the home.

In fact, the statistics I have seen are that an average of 5.5 children per
10,000 enrolled in day care are sexually abused, an average of 8.9 children
out of every 10,000 are abused in the home.  What is the incident rate on
MySpace?  If there were an incident rate of even 5.5 in 10,000, there would
be something like 30,000 cases related to MySpace, and I don't think we're
anywhere even close to that, by orders of magnitude.

I'm not saying the concern is invalid -- it's just disproportionately

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