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Dear list members

I am new to the list and would like to open with a) a question and b) a 

The question:

I am doing a survey using SNA and competencies.  The question relates to the 
SNA data.  I am collecting ego network data for star networks.  That is, i 
am asking people to list people in their networks and then ask some 
attribute questions.  Point is, I am not asking egos about the connections 
between their alters.  It has been argued that, therefore, this is not 
network data.  But egos are providing key network data about thier star 
networks with alters and about the characteristics of their alters.  So, I 
think this is still good network data but it is ego-only network data. 
Admittedly, it is not possible to map actual networks as the data comes from 
disparate individuals not located within any set bounds (that is, the alters 
cannot be matched between egos - but thier attributes in relation to each 
ego can).  In sum, it seems to me that it is good individual differences 
data in relation to ego networks.

I wondered if anybody had any comments.  The following request ties in to 
this question.

The request:

The survey is online.  I'm not sure who the list moderator is, but I would 
like to ask people on the list to take part in the survey and then comment. 
It may be that the above question is a little unclear without actually 
seeing the survey instrument.  There is a comments section at the end of the 
survey.  I'll take a chance and assume it's ok to put the link online here 
and the standard message that has gone out follows.

Many thanks to all in advance for any comments.  If you look at the survey 
can I ask you make best efforts to complete it and then comment at the end. 
Alternatively email me with comments.  I've had around 15 comments so far - 
mixed feedback, mostly positive, but nothing on the actual question of 
network data as raised above.

Best regards to all

Bill fear


The purpose of the survey is to help understand the relationship between
information networks at work, and competencies.  I hope it will be of
interest to you.  I will take approximately 20-30 minutes.  I will post
a summary of the results when completed, but see below with regard to this.

The survey is anonymous and you will not be identified as an individual.

You can enter the survey from any computer by following this link

You may have to cut and paste this link into a web browser.

Full contact details are provided in the survey.

If you respond as an SOCNET ember, in relation to SOCNET please
put 'socnet' in the organisation box in question one on the survey.  I will
post the amalgamated summary results for SOCNET on the list when the
survey is completed.

You may circulate this survey within your organisation or team and I will
provide summary results for the organisation/team upon completion.  An email
text is provided below for this purpose.

If you would like the survey tailored in any way, now or in the future,
please let me know.  For example, we have a line manager who is using this
with their team of 16 people.  We have provided an additional letter and
number for all team members to use in the first question, 'What is the name
of your organisation', so that we can separate out their responses.  (All
team members use the same additional letter and number to retain anonymity.)
This will allow the line manager to determine the characteristics of their
team in relation to information networks and competencies and address
development needs.

You may request an electronic summary of the results, or of the full report
(September 2006) by email at any time following the completion of the
survey.  You may also request a briefing on social networks at any time by
emailing me at [log in to unmask] and putting 'briefing on social networks'
in the header (Note: this briefing is being updated).  All reports and 
briefings are in electronic (PDF) format

For the leading website on Social Networks visit

Please complete this survey within the next weeks (from 30 May 2006) - 
apologies to SOCNET members for short notice on this survey.

Thank you for taking part

William Fear

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