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On 5/9/06, Tom Erik Julsrud <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
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> Dear socnetters:
> I have a dataset consisting of 17 peoples advice-network in a company
> that is highly distributed. I  have also asked the informants how the
> different relations is supported by their available ICT  (e-mail, mobile
> phones and IM/SMS) and I would like to analyse closer the difference
> between the media use within the group. (For instance if some mediated
> networks are highly similar to the advice network, towards the manager
> in the groups, etc). Does any of you have suggestions of what kind of
> analysis would be appropriate for a comparison of mediated networks and
> advice-networks in such a small group? Or do you know about articles
> where similar analysis has been conducted?

Did you see the recent thread(s) on homophily? It seems like you could
arrange the media data as attribute-data; of course, this then ignores
any network data you have regarding the media (that is, 'Alice talks
to Bob on her cellphone, and Bob talks to Xen with email'). I don't
know if you have that sort of data.


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