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> > 2) Has anyone tired to have students use their own networks from
> > facebook, myspace or the like as the original data for class
> > assignments?  ( I have just now started to poke around with these, but
> > my students have told me they can "map" their own networks.  Maybe some
> > of these sites allow for data exporting?  Or, at the least, I can have
> > students take a map and code it themselves which may have some
> > educational benefit)?

Avoid making the students code it themselves; screen-scraping is not
what you're trying to teach afterall. If you want to use these sites
(and that's a really cool idea, as in modern and interesting) then
code it yourself or with the help of the more tech-savvy students, and
provide it to the rest of the class.

> Getting the bulk data out of LiveJournal is trivially easy.  The others,
> not so much.

Livejournal doesn't provide feeds of what communities people are in,
however. It's too bad, because having that affiliation data could be
really interesting. As it stands now you have to screen-scrape for it.


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