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CASOS Summer Institute 2006, June 12-18th
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Robert Engineering Hall - Singleton Room

The purpose of the CASOS Summer Institute is to provide an intense and
hands-on introduction to dynamic network analysis and computational
modeling of complex socio-technical systems. Both network analysis and
multi-agent modeling will be covered. Participants will be able to
complete the institute without programming skills or in-depth
understanding of particular social theories. Computer programming and
basic social or organizational theory are not included under the
topics covered. Participants learn about current trends, practices,
and tools available for social networks analysis, link analysis,
simulation, and multi-agent modeling. Basic social network and dynamic
network representations, statistics, analysis and visualization
techniques are covered.

For questions please contact Monika deReno:
Email: mdereno at
Telephone: 1-412-268-3163

or Kathleen Carley: kathleen.carley at

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