Carol and Susan,
See the SLA news division site at Select
Adoption Center on the left. An Archiving Vendor link will display. Click on

Merlin and SCC get high marks for image capabilities. I have heard PTFS is
a good company to work with in terms of digitization of clips. As a former
news librarian, I can tell you to avoid Digital Collections (DC4).

Good luck,

Carla Hemsing <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
  This is a "me too" request, plus another request. Susan, if people
respond to you directly, would you mind summarizing for the list? Or,
alternatively, people could respond to the list. 

As well, I am wondering if anyone could recommend a way to manage newspaper
clippings. Our Public Relations Department has newspaper clippings from many
years past in paper format. We need an imaging solution and a way to search
the content - same idea as Susan's request, but for newspaper clippings
instead of photos. 


Carla Hemsing
Records / Information & Privacy Coordinator
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