Laurie Varendorff wrote:

> There has been a discussion here in the Deep Deep South regarding
> Microsoft's recent activity regarding RIM or as they see it ECM.
> Here is a response I posted to the RMAA List earlier today which may be of
> interest to those outside of the Australasia area.
> I trust you find the ECM paper I refer to of interest and also of value.

I had the chance of some extended discussion about Microsoft's
approach with the product team at the AIIM show in Philadelphia
last week.

The cornerstone of the effort will be SharePoint Server 2007. The
seriousness of their approach is demonstrated by their intention,
soon after product release later this year [in the first quarter
2007 period] to seek DoD 5015.2-STD certification for the server
application. They were not as forthcoming about the Australian,
UK, or EU standards. However, the intention to secure DoD
certification would certainly place their effort in the running
for serious ERMS consideration if the user interface is simple
and minimal.



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