All, I tried to post earlier and I believe it did not make it, so will
try again. 

What software are rm's in this list serv using to manage their digital
images? Anyone storing blobs in Oracle?  We are looking at options...
(currently we use a FileNET CS 4.0 at Environmental services for last
three years)  Any feedback as to type of software or architecture that
is working for maintaining a repository for straight rm is appreciated.


Heather Pike

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Susan...this is a perfect example of what an EDMS can do for you.  You
store multi format (e-mail, pictures, voice mails, spreadsheet, word 
processing docs, scanned docs) into it and store it, search it and find 

We have a photo library in our EDMS.  It has been setup as a separate 
volume so if at any time we want to move the photo's to another server 
because of file size, it is easily done.  The photo's that come into our

EDMS are lower resolution than the 13 mb which the image was shot at.
problem was trying to come up with a resolution that would provide 
sufficient quality to our users and yet not create storage problems 
because of large file size. 

One of the problems we initially encountered was that each photo that
in was in a separate folder.  We had a bulk load utility made for us
would allow similar content photo's to be input into one folder.  As you

open the folder, you see the thumbnails of all photo's within that
 This way you can open the photo, copy and paste it into your Word 
document and the original remains for the next user.  The bulk load
for many photo's to come into our system all at once rather than one at
time.  We also have a watermark which says "Property of TRCA" which can
left on the photo or removed.  The templates attached to the photo's 
document the metadata and provide a pointer to the original image should

we need a high res. print. 

This works really well for us and solves the previous problem of hunting

through myriads of binders to find the photo which you need.  We have 
multiple offices and now any office can use our photo library within 
seconds, rather than days, as it previously took. 

John Annunziello
Manager, Records and Information 
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

"Information is a corporate, strategic asset that needs to be managed"

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