My post was partly tongue-in-cheek (which was (perhaps a bit too)
subtlety indicated by "in jest").

I'm very close to the opinion that archivists and records managers
really do the same job and there's not really any difference between
them, except the image (which in my mind is that an archivist deals with
the musty, dusty stuff - which I realise is inaccurate).

As I also said, sorry - if you take what I say as offensive, that's not
what I meant.

I've always worked in small organisations where the Records department
handled all Records and Archives (and even Information Management) and
was run by a Records Manager (whether that was his/her title or not).
In larger organisations or ones where things were run differently, which
seems to happen a lot, I would have gained a different experience.  And
I'm gaining an experience by being on this listserve and reading about
these things and talking to people.

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