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This goes into version control.  If you generate a letter in Word, you
would want to store the original document in Word, its native format.
But you'd also want to retain a "snapshot" (hard copy, pdf, image) of
the letter with letterhead and signature.  Two versions, two formats.
If this seems too cumbersome, send an e-mail message instead of a

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This may seem like a simplistic question, but heck I can be a simpleton
with the best of 'em.

I've often heard that it is best to capture electronic documents in the
native format, so I'm guessing that means I Word, Excel, or whatever
formats. Many documents created, especially in word processors, are
printed onto pre-printed company letterhead, which often as not is in
color and on bond paper. By capturing the native format, you won't
capture the finished "look" of the document printed onto the letterhead.
Is this a non-issue or do we change the way we create documents by using
electronic letterhead as well -- which would mean color printers
everywhere and perhaps a change in company paper stock as bond paper
doesn't print well with inkjet -- unless we go color laser.

Nolene Sherman
Director of Records Management
Standard Pacific Homes
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Why don't we just skip the paper entirely and focus on how to develop
systems which effectively manage born digital records? 

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