>>"... West Virginia University Neurosurgeon, has been appointed by
Governor Joe Manchin to oversee a group that will implement electronic
medical records across..."<<

Who better to run the project than a user.  This really opens up the job
market.  Think of the possibilities.  I would be qualified as a WVDOT
project manager for bridge construction because I drive on bridges.  I
would be qualified to direct the UWV Agricultural College because I eat
food, including my vegetables.  I would even be qualified to manage a
re-write of the WV Income Tax System because I am a taxpayer.

Come to think of it, there is only one thing that I would not be
qualified for, leading the Board of Undertakers.  On the other hand, in
WV, my esteemed colleague in Idaho might be a brain surgeon.

Bill R

Bill Roach, CRM
Enterprise EDMS Coordinator
State of North Dakota
ITD/Records Management

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