Dear Jan,

At the University of Akron, we provide developmental courses through Summit 
College,(formerly the Community and Technical College but always part of 
the 4-year University) one of the many colleges here at the University.  We 
have open enrollment, and students live here on campus with other students 
in other colleges.  Most of our students are provisionally admitted, but 
not all are.  Some are non-traditional students reentering academia.  

Our labs provide support for all students on campus, although developmental 
students are our primary population.  Students can take credit level 
courses while taking developmental courses, although their advisors choose 
carefully which ones they suggest based on their skills.  They must 
complete their developmental courses within the first 24? credit hours of 
their college career.  I hope you find this helpful.

Mrs. Shawn Bixler
Coordinator of Reading and Study Skills
Summit College
The University of Akron

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