Hi all,

Each semester we require all of our tutees to complete a paper & pencil
evaluation form for their tutor(s). My questions is, how long do you retain
this information?

My file cabinet is overflowing with these completed forms, and although
they are organized, I wonder if I really need them all? We use the tallied
information as part of our annual statistics and send an individualized
summary copy to each tutor as part of his/her annual evaluation.

I am just about to shred my 02, 03, and 04 files... unless one of you can
convince me otherwise!!

Roberta Schotka
NADE'08 conference co-chair
Head, Peer Tutoring
Northeastern University Libraries, 242 SL
(617) 373-2150 voice
(617) 373-2529 fax
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