You can have students use the text, COLLEGE STUDY: THE ESSENTIAL 
INGREDIENTS, published by Prentice Hall 
The Appendix contains a chart correlating each of the 10 LASSI scales 
with topics within this text. Based on results, concentrate on those 
chapters and features related to scales on which students scored below 
50th percentile, followed by between 50th-75th percentile. The text is 
very student-centered and is appropriate for freshmen, as well as 
probationary students.

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I am purchasing the LASSI for first time use in 06-07. I am
brainstorming on how I would use this with students. Here are my
initial thoughts: administer to each Freshman Seminar class when I 
visit and follow up (pre and post), administer to all students who 
request study skills mentoring, administer to students who request, 
use with academic probation program (which isn't in place yet but I 
hope to develop), etc. I wonder how those of you who use the LASSI 
administer it. Please share your methods, target groups, etc. Also, I 
am planning to purchase both hard-copy and web-based, so please share 
which form you use. Thanks in advance.
Jenny Bancroft
Director, Teaching and Learning Center
Mount Olive College
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Sally A. Lipsky, Ph.D.
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Indiana University of Pennsylvania
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