In an attempt to provide as much information as possible about the academic expectations of each transfer and career program at Des Moines Area Community College, our Academic Achievement Center faculty have interviewed program chairs and instructors to determine the entry-level skills needed for success in the program and on the job. That information is now posted on the DMACC web site. the Skills Guide home page is at

We hope that high school students, parents, teachers, and counselors will use this information to close the gap before graduation. Our college advisors and counselors can also use this information to assist entering students in selecting courses. The Skills Guide is one more tool to convince students with academic skills deficits that it is in their interest to take skill building courses to bridge the gap.

I think the project has also been useful in engaging faculty across the institution in conversations about their academic expectations.

Sue Wickham
Academic Achievement Center
Des Moines Area Community College
Ankeny, Iowa 50023

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