One of my pet peaves is that in measurement one test is used and at the
end another test is used as an indicator. It ends up comparing apples
and oranges. 
Why not use the COMPASS or ASSETT test as an outcome test? Since ASSETT
is presented by ACT as a paper/pencil version of COMPASS, either one
would measure program effectiveness and (in addition) measure the degree
of improvement of a student from entry to completion. both tests (ASSETT
and COMPASS are also -according to ACT- correlated with ACT tests.  
My reason for suggesting COMPASS is that it is already set up, it is
operating, and your system can score the test. 
Another way is to have a correlated pre/post test administered the first
day (class entry) and then the last day (class completion). 
SO the information you abtain using COMPASS-ASSETT as an exit test can
show both student, course and program effectiveness and improvement. 
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Al McGuire 
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We are using the COMPASS placement test to place students in one of two
Developmental Reading Courses. We would like to administer an exit level
test at the end of each course. Any suggestions?

Lynette H Wedig
Title V Academic Program Specialist
New Mexico State University - Alamogordo

Fred Deaton, LPC-MHSP

Coordinator of Disabled Student Services

...."Much I have learned from my teachers, more from my colleagues,

but most from my students".


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