Hi Carol and Eldon,
I must add my support to Eldon's comments and also correct the website
URL for the program. <>  is the learning center
at Rowan
The Learning Connections Inventory, or LCI, the learning profile
instrument that is associated with the program Eldon is referring to is
available at <>  which is
Learning Connections Resources.
This process is the foundation of our work in Learning Strategies and
with multiple levels of students her at USF, with some very impressive
results with our pre-med and medical students.
If you would like to learn more be sure to check out the national
conference which is coming up in January 2007 in Philadelphia.  This
will focus only on the application of this highly advanced learning
system in the higher education setting.  The keynote address is John
Gardner and of course Christine Johnston, creator and lead researcher of
the process will be there to lead the way.  We will be presenting our
work with undergraduate FTIC's, medical students, and critical reading.

Info on the conference is on the Let Me Learn Website as well:
Feel free to email or call me directly if you would like to know more. 

Dr. Patricia Maher

Director, The L.E.A.R.N Program

University of South Florida

4202 East Fowler Ave.

Tampa, FL  33620-5089


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Sounds really interesting so I clicked on the link, but it took me to a
commercial site!  I'll Google the university.  Thanks for the info.
---Grace R. 
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My studies on learning self-efficacy and student agency suggest students
need to formulate new mental models or study strategy instruction
becomes simply a superficial exercise that does not transfer to new
I studied the impact of metacognnitive instruction for developmental
readers and found that when they participated in meaningful discourse
about their thinking while learning the discoveries led to significant
measurable differences.
You may want to look at the new technology out of the Center for the
Advancement of Learning at Rowan University, I think the web address is . Their Integrated Learning Model(ILM) incorporates some
very leading edge brain theory and interesting meta-awareness
training.As a learning model it has far more practical application than
any learning style research I have seen in my 24 years as an educator.
Dr. Eldon L. McMurray
Academic Director
Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence
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Hi Carol,
If you are looking for research, not too long ago the Learning
Assistance Review Journal had a very good study that indicated GPA is
not a good measure of Learning Strategies Programs, but that other
factors did improve such as efficacy and self-regulation - sorry I
cannot find it right now so I don't know the author.
We are less concerned about the number of attendees and more concerned
with motivation underlying attending - are they looking for a quick fix
or do they realize that they likely need to find new and better ways to
Pat Maher
Dr. Patricia Maher
Director, The L.E.A.R.N Program
University of South Florida
4202 East Fowler Ave.

Tampa, FL  33620-5089




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