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Each years in the making:

Emi Ooka & Barry Wellman, "Does Social Capital Pay Off Within or Between
Ethnic Groups." It pushes the data as far as it can go to show that it
is better financially to have inter-ethnic ties with higher status
ethnicity groups. Been waiting for years for Eric Fong, ed., Inside the
Mosaic to be published by Univ of Toronto Press. This started as Emi's
term paper for a social network course.

Jeffrey Boase (mostly) & Barry Wellman, "Personal Relationships: On and
Off the Internet." In _The Cambridge Handbook of Personal Relationships_,
edited by Anita Vangelisti & Daniel Perlman. Cambridge U Press. A nice lit
review of internet and community in a 900 page book.

Barry Wellman, Emmanuel Koku & Jeremy Hunsinger, "Networking Scholarship"
in Joel Weiss, Jason Nolan & Jeremy Hunsinger, eds. _International
Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments_. 2 vols. 1600 pages. $500. A
rich compendium, including our article summarizing NetLab's scholarly
community / network research.


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