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Herb, et al.,

To the credit of the Washington Post, an editorial writer has asked for
the full text of our Pew Internet study question on the number of Very
Close ties, and I have given him Mean and Median stats. (I thought
quartiles would be overkill.) From our correspondence, it seems as if the
Post may well point out that we're not as isolated as their previous
headline stated: "Social Isolation Growing in the U.S., Study Says" (June
23), although their subhead more accurate reports the ASR article, "The
Number of People Who Say They Have No One to Confide in Has Risen".

The NY Times, btw, just reprinted the AP story, without doing their own
reporting: "Study: American's Social Contacts Slipping." (June 23).

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On Sun, 25 Jun 2006, Herbert J Gans wrote:

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> Subject: Re: [Comurb_r21] overstated media inference from fine study
> Alas, jurnalists do that in part because they get no training in
> statistics or sociology to speak of and Barry, you did well to correct the
> misinterpretation. Its the only way to deal with their misinterpretations
> until journalism education catches up. But note that Bill Wilsons concern
> with social isolation has made it into the media. Heb Gans

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