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Yes, I've been the "designated talker" for the study, for the most keep things coordinated.  The press seems to feature the person
who is interviewed, rather than the article.  (In a few cases where they
interviewed Bob Putnam because they couldn't get one of us, they made it
sound like it was his research, even though he kept trying to correct that
impression in his comments.)  I've requested that the Footnotes entry
about our press coverage refer to the article (with its authors:
McPherson, Smith-Lovin and Brashears) rather than to the person
interviewed, as that seems more appropriate (and easier to keep track of).

An interview on Canadian public radio actually began with an excellent
sound bite from Matt Brashears before interviewing me.....but made it
sound like we had done two separate studies.  Such are the ways of the
press.  Our main hope is that people who are reading and listening will
take away the fact that (1) networks are important, (2) they are
related to larger scale community/family structures, and (3) they might be
changing in their frequency and form, so they need more study.  Let's

As for the media storm, Miller says it right.....this too will pass.

Cheers, Lynn S-L

Professor of Sociology
Duke University

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