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this is yet another piece about the NSA using public data, this time 
harvesting and others to build profiles (with allusions 
to the semantic web as a data structure to facilitate this)...

the link i have is:

or if that doesn't work, check out, "Pentagon sets its sights on 
social networking websites" from 10 June 2006

interesting excerpt, "On the downside, this ease of use will also 
make prying into people's lives a breeze. No plan to mine social 
networks via the semantic web has been announced by the NSA, but its 
interest in the technology is evident in a funding footnote to a 
research paper delivered at the W3C's WWW2006 conference in 
Edinburgh, UK, in late May. That paper, entitled Semantic Analytics 
on Social Networks, by a research team led by Amit Sheth of the 
University of Georgia in Athens and Anupam Joshi of the University of 
Maryland in Baltimore reveals how data from online social networks 
and other databases can be combined to uncover facts about people. 
The footnote said the work was part-funded by an organisation called ARDA."

haven't read it yet, but the link to the paper (PDF) is:

any thoughts on this - and how actionable the underlying data is 
(myspace coupled with RDF framework data via w3c standards)?

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