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On 6/27/06, Bill Richards <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
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> PC Magazine has an interesting piece about social networking -- more
> interesting because it's in PC Magazine.
> Here are the titles of the various pieces:
> MySpace Nation
> Heroes of Social Networking
> How To Get Started: Tips From The Insiders
> Diary of a Madman?
> How To Control Your Content
> Social Networking on the Fringe
> Social Networks: Mobile Edition

This sounds more like business' idea of "networking" than SNA. e.g.:
"We also show you how you can use social networking to get ahead, make
friends, lose weight, and more."

"the ever-growing phenomenon of social networking," but... it's been
around for as long as society... it's just that now poorly designed
websites are trying to exploit it.

" So far, MySpace president Tom Anderson is the prom king, with more
than 80 million friends." Is this a joke? Tom is added to everyone's
page by default (like how News is added to people's
watched-communities by default).

I'm not surprised PC Magazine did this. It's all about the websites
and doesn't mention how severely broken they are (see, e.g., or any actual social network research
(besides a token tip to "6 degrees of seperation").


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