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Here are a couple of things:

Mizruchi, Mark S. and David Bunting, 1981. "Influence in Corporate
Networks: An Examination of Four Measures." Administrative Science
Quarterly 26:475-489. 

Mizruchi, 1982. The American Corporate Network, 1904-1974. Beverly
Hills: Sage Publications, Chapter 3.

At the individual level:

Mizruchi, Mark S. and Blyden B. Potts. 1998. "Centrality and Power
Revisited: Actor Success in Group Decision Making." Social Networks

Mark S. Mizruchi                        Phone: (734) 764-7444
Professor of Sociology               FAX: (734) 763-6887
  and Business Administration    
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI   48109-1382

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