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> I am working on a large citation network analysis and have run across a
> problem with the Export feature in Pajek. I have not been able to
> successfully open exported EPS/PS files for the network which is currently
> at about 1000 nodes and is going to grow to 3000+. With smaller networks
> (20-75 nodes) I have never had a problem. I've tried exporting in a BMP
> file
> instead, but the arcs then all seem to appear as edges and I don't have
> much
> flexibility as far as editing the graphic in programs like
> Photoshop/Illustrator.
> For opening/converting the file, I have tried (to no avail):
> - Photoshop
> - Illustrator
> - Indesign
> - Ghostscript
> - Distiller
> - Flash
> If anyone has experience with exporting large networks in some sort of
> vector format (preferably EPS) from Pajek, I would REALLY appreciate any
> help/tips you might have!

  If the network is reasonably sparse 3000 nodes shouldn't be
  a problem - for example the network on slides 36 and 37 at
  has almost 6000 nodes.
  For a dense network you can have problems with the available
  space in your computer memory.
  Look in Pajek at number of arcs/edges in the report to
  Try to close all other programs except Gsview/Ghostscript;
  or try everything on the computer with larger memory.
  The other possibility is to reduce the size of your network:
  replace parallel links with a single link (with sum of values),
  delete some less important links - links with value lower than
  a selected threshold, ...

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