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Politics & Interlocking Directorates
A meeting to discuss current research and future collaboration.

University of Barcelona
28th & 29th September 2006.

The Research Group on Power and Privilege (EPP) of the University of 
Barcelona will be hosting a two day informal meeting of researchers 
working in the area of politics and interlocking directorates.

Our particular interest is understanding the political effects of the 
social networks of business executives and the directors of large 
corporations. However, we are interested in hearing from anyone who is 
applying social network analysis to understanding interlocking 
directorates or political power and who would be interested in some form 
of ongoing international collaboration.

Preliminary Agenda

Day 1: Sharing our current research
Each person/group presents their current research agenda followed by 
discussion and questions.

Day 2: Opportunities for collaboration
Proposed collaboration:
i. Book and/or edited collection.
ii. Sharing and cataloguing methodologies and research tools (including 
computer programs).
iii. Joint purchasing of datasets from business information providers, 
perhaps leading to the establishment an ongoing international dataset 
and archive.
iv. Joint research funding grants/applications.

To register or for more information, please contact Joseph Rodriguez 
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This meeting has been called by:
Joseph Rodriguez (University of Barcelona)
Julián Cárdenas (University of Barcelona)
Christofer Edling (Stockholm University)
Matthew Bond (Oxford University)
Nicholas Harrigan  (Oxford University & Australian National University)
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